Payments are securely and easily made through Paypal. Follow this link to PayPal and simply fill in the information. Payments are then made and sent from here. With PayPal I never have access to your credit card information, and your transactions are 100% secure and safe. Outlined below are the basic instructions.

• Navigate to PayPal’s homepage. Click “Send Money” near the top of the screen, which opens the “Send Money Now”   page.

• Click the drop-down menu under the words “I’m paying someone in …” and select the recipient’s country.

• Enter the exact amount you wish to pay in the blank field under the word “Amount.” Select the type of currency (U.S.    dollars, Euros, Japanese yen, etc.) in the drop-down menu to its right.

• Select “Friends and Family,” “Buying Something” or “Buying Something with a Cash Advance” from the menu titled    “My Payment is For.”

• Click “Continue” to proceed to the next page.

• Type in the recipient’s email address in the field under the word “To.” Enter your email address in the field under the    word “From.”

• Click “Continue” to open the personal information page. Enter a password, your name, your address and your debit or    credit card information in the appropriate fields.

• Click the “Agree and Create Account” button at the bottom of the page. The money will be taken from your credit or    debit card and deposited into the recipient’s PayPal account.

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