Editorial Photography

Editorial photography is the photography that appears in newspapers and magazines that is NOT advertising photography. It is financed by the newspaper/magazine,not by their advertisers. It can be in any genre (photojournalism, fashion, food, portrait, sports, landscape etc.) Editorial photography covers a wide range of different styles and genres but in simple terms, the definition of editorial use is to offer support to an article, not for selling a product. Predominately with editorial use, images are used to support text or copy, so most usages are by clients such as newspapers, magazines and textbooks. All projects are discussed, pricing agreed upon and then scheduled. I will need to know some things in the initial email query such as what needs to be photographed, where does it need to be photographed, when does it need to be photographed, how many photos do you need, when do you need the final files by, has the article already been written, (if so can I read it to understand the photo needs?), and is there a specific orientation required?

* Also note that under no circumstances do we ever release our RAW or original files to a client. We provide high resolution tiffs per the magazines page size and requirements.

Email to disuss your projects.

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