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Born and raised in northern California certainly had something to do with this passion for photography! But I have since learned that there are amazing places with breath taking scenes throughout our country. I want to see, feel, experience and capture as much of it as I can in my lifetime. Having lived in several different states since leaving California more than 20 years ago, I’ve called Indiana home since 1995.

My interest in the art of photography began about 29 years ago, around 1988. The desire to make beautiful photos was there. To be able to capture beauty and emotion in an image intrigued me. Looking through the lens of a family members 35mm camera, I was in a different world! Composing a shot and controlling the focus sparked a creative drive inside me that I never knew. Being a young mom on a strict budget, I pushed that desire back in the “maybe someday” file. Many years later I inherited that very camera that started this passion. It was not working properly anymore but that didn’t stop me from looking through the lens and imagining the images I would make. I did try to revive that camera, unsuccessfully. So…. The dream was once again pushed back into the “maybe someday” file. Soon after, I did get my first 35mm camera and began learning to make those images that I imagined. The spark was now a flame and there was no stopping it. About 3 years later I moved into the digital era with the rest of the world with a Canon 40D.

My love for photography is still as strong today as when I bought my first camera. I still love to compose and capture what I see as beautiful and interesting. I feel certain that every scene, every flower, every portrait, every subject was put in place for me to capture. It’s personal! It’s an expression of me and what I love. I’m still learning. I’m adding new visions and techniques all the time. I find myself interested in styles of photography that I never thought I would have an interest in. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me next!

Thank you for taking the time to look at my images. I started this website in hopes that they will be enjoyed by others. I hope my site can be an escape from your day to day routine, a place that you can go to find peace, joy and quietness. So get yourself a cup of coffee or your favorite drink and stay awhile! Then come back as often as you like!

Lastly, PLEASE take a moment to email me with your thoughts and comments. It would mean so much to me ;)

Thanks for looking!


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All images are copyrighted © DeeDee Niederhouse-Mandrell / Visual Journeys Studios.

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